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Staying compliant and accurate with employee time tracking is more important than ever in streamlining the workflow and efficiency of an organization. A scheduling system that is accessible to everyone in your company is an effective tool which serves as a communication platform where managers and employees stay up to date with requests and changes in real-time. Every organization has unique requirements, So, when deciding on a schedule management software, it will be wise to pick a solution that caters to the basic requirements while offering the flexibility to customize leave requests.

Our Client

Our team used the provided documentation on Protocols and wrote the configuration files in JSON format. This configuration was then directly tested in the decoder, and further validated against a PCAP file containing data of the specified protocols (TCP/UDP). We were successful in creating a Decoded output file. We accomplished this by using Wireshark and Hex Decoder.

Celestial Systems Tech solutions

Our Objective

To design and develop a Mobile SaaS app for
estimating and managing employee time schedules.

Business Requirements

  • Design and develop a SaaS mobile application with employee time & schedule management features
  • Customize a calendar with intuitive UI
  • Leave application tracking feature
Outcome - Celestial system



To build the app in a short period of time


Complexity of using non-native components for UI development


Complex logic & Customized UI for iOS

Features of Mobile App


The schedule management feature reduces conflicts in managing shifts, especially with complex shift patterns for a large workforce. With more discernability to the roadmap and workflow, this makes it easier to schedule work.


We customized a notifications list feature where leave requests, cancellation requests, shift details are displayed as messages. The UI also focuses on differentiating read from unread messages using different color codes.


The application features a Leave Feedback system which automates the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both management and employees. This gives more visibility into leave trends, employee availability, and even workflow.

Technology Used

Jest Technology
Jest Technology

In Shorts

  • Increased time efficiency & productive hours by 80%
  • Automated and faster schedule management and leave requests
  • 70% faster time-to-market
  • Better user interaction with customized calendars with intuitive UIs

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