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Technology Major

Information Security, Compliance and Audit

Industry Icon Industry: Information Technology

Services Offered

Data Analytics - Celestial Systems


Business Requirement - Celestial Systems

Business Requirements

  • Review existing Information Security Posture
  • Provide a solution based on the review
  • Implement solutions that integrate into operations


  • Bringing all cloud assets under a single dashboard
  • Auditing the requirements
  • Maintaining a single source of truth
Celestial Systems Tech solutions

Celestial's Solution

Our team evaluated different tools to meet the requirements. Based on our findings, we finalized and implemented those. The tool helped integrate most Cloud Service Providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle etc. It also helped enhance asset management with features like location-wise, instance-wise categorization etc. In addition to deploying the tool, Celestial helped further customize it to meet complex requirements from the client and generate customized reports.

The client was able to track the following details :

  • All open ports and their instance details in AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Details on all S3 buckets
  • Azure Blob details
  • IAM details provide insights on inbound and outbound cloud firewall rules
  • Number of resources per location
  • Details about multiple instances

This helped the organization understand resource utilization across different verticals like Finance, Human Resources, Production, Staging & Test environments with a single platform to manage all resources.


  • Multiple cloud service providers were used
  • The tool was deployed on a VM within each cloud account
  • This tool then pulled all resources within the respective cloud account
  • Fetched data was used to populate a dashboard
  • Utilized two open-source tools: one to fetch data and another to create the dashboard
Outcome - Celestial system


Celestial Systems

The system was compliant for audits

Celestial Systems

A single source of truth of inventory

Celestial Systems

Customizable reporting dashboard

Celestial Systems

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