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Celestial have been creating a quality web applications since a decade, consistently gaining new insights into what  makes a perfect web application. Our focus always remains on how we can achieve the objectives laid out in the most efficient and user friendly manner


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UI/UX Design

Through our UI/UX design process, Celestial works closely with you from idea to delivery as your creation partner.

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Web Development

We have a team of technically savvy and experienced website developers and web app developers to ensure that our clients and their projects get the very most out of this cutting edge technology.

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Back-End Development

Celestial has build expertise over an array of technologies that include both proprietary and open source for developing backend software. These include .Net, Ruby on Rails, Python with Django etc

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Third Party Integration

Our open source migration services facilitate organizations experience a smooth transition from their existing proprietary systems to open source software.

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Open Source Adoption

Open Source software (OSS) has moved beyond the allure of cost savings to benefits such as application agility, rapid deployment, high quality, highly scalable software and high performance security.

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QA & Test Automation

In the new age of mobile and IoT, enterprises must move faster in app development, testing and QA to keep up with the competition. Automating manual test and QA processes wherever possible.

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